Pastoring while conducting revivals, youth camps and mission trips to glorify Christ and grow the church.
Make It Plain Gospel Min. Inc.
Wednesday, February 19, 2020
Preaching Christ Plainly
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Revivals, PRAYER MINISTRY, Missions

Jonathan Hewett is called of God to assist local churches in reviving the spiritual life of church-goers, challenging non-Christians to consider Jesus and passing vital Christianity to the next generation. Increasingly, Jonathan believes that American churches need the ministry of "Jeremiah," while he finds crowds overseas to be hungry for the gospel. Jonathan serves as Pastor to First Baptist Church Carrizo Springs, Texas, in addition to serving the Lord as an evangelist.
The Global Awakening of 1904-1905 was one hundred and ten years ago. That's ancient history in contemporary minds. This evangelist believes that God can and will move globally once more before Christ's return.

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