Pastoring while conducting revivals, youth camps and mission trips to glorify Christ and grow the church.
Make It Plain Gospel Min. Inc.
Wednesday, February 19, 2020
Preaching Christ Plainly

About Us

Make It Plain Gospel Ministries, Inc. is a non-profit, religious corporation providing a base for the preaching ministry of Jonathan Hewett. The ministry was begun in 1997. A 14-member Board of Directors oversees the ministry.  Jonathan Hewett has been in ministry since his college days. He served as a youth minister for 14 years before God called him into this full-time traveling and preaching ministry. He is married to Ellyn and they have three grown children.

Jonathan is serving as the pastor at First Baptist Church Carrizo Springs, Texas (Since November 2012) in addition to working towards revival in the church. After preaching revivals in that church for several years, God led Jonathan and that congregation together. FBC allows Jonathan to work in evangelism throughout the year. What a blessing!

Jonathan has recently completed an eight year partnership in South America, having conducted multiple mission trips to Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, Chile and Nicaragua. Missions will always be a part of Make It Plain. New doors are always opening.
Partner with Jonathan for your: revivals, student gatherings, special events or mission trips. Working together, we extend God's Kingdom!
A new Prayer Seminar/Prayer Weekend is coming on board. It's focus is to motivate church members to pray spiritual blessings for their church, pastor and each other. It has a powerful potential to change attitudes about the beauty of prayer, the use of prayer in the church and the power of prayer. Schedule a Prayer Seminar soon!
Call 214-726-6601 to schedule an event or talk with Jonathan about the ministry.